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Nobody can look at your hair and tell you how many treatments you will need. The average is from 4 to 8 treatments. That is one of the reasons we do not sell in packages.
Just like with electrolysis, laser hair removal is only permanently effective on hairs that are treated while they are in the active growth phase (Anagen). Only about 30% of your hairs are in that phase at any time so with each treatment you will lose about 30% of your hair.
During the laser treatment your hair is being heated by the laser. You will still be able to see the hair in your skin immediately after the treatment. In a few days you will see what looks like growing hair. This is simply the hair beginning the shedding phase in which much of it will fall out. The shedding phase can take 3 weeks to complete. At that time (3 weeks after your treatment) you may see hairs in your skin similar to how it looks after you shave. Then you will notice that there is no hair growing in the treatment area for another 4 to 8 weeks until the hair returns. When the hair returns it is time for your next treatment.
It varies somewhat based on which part of your body you are treating but it is typically 6 to 10 weeks between treatments. At your consultation we will be able to guide you in more detail about what to expect.
That varies on the area we are treating. Smaller areas like upper lip or underarms are typically done in about 5-10 minutes. Larger areas like legs or backs can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending upon the size.
Prior to your treatment you will need to shave the area being treated. We always clean the area we are going to treat with a damp cloth before the treatment so wearing makeup/deodorant/lotion to your appointment is fine. Immediately after your treatment you might notice some mild redness which is usually gone within 5-10 minutes after your treatment. Women come frequently to get their faces treated on their lunch breaks!
Laser hair removal only works on dark hair. Red, blonde, gray or white hair will not respond at all to the laser. The laser works by heating your melanin (brown pigment). If there is not enough melanin in the root of the hair laser treatments will be ineffective.
Laser hair removal and the sun do not go well together. After a treatment you must keep the treatment area covered from any sun exposure, tanning beds or self tanners for 3 days. Before a treatment you may not be tan. By 'tan' we mean anything that in any way has made your skin darker than your 'winter color'. This is a very serious safety concern and we are not willing to treat anyone who we believe has had recent sun exposure.
Because of the issue with sun exposure, as soon as your summer color fades you can begin treatments. Fall is the best time of year to begin treatments.